About Me

I am Rant.

Rant is not my real name, and I won’t insult your intelligence with an explanation of how I came to take that name, but for the purposes of this blog, it is as good as any other.

I have been involved, on and off again, in the BDSM world for going on 20 years now.

I am Dominant and I do not switch, but neither do I allow that one word to define me.

I have been subservient to another, and while I am and always will be eternally grateful to my stern, kind, and brutal Domme, I have moved beyond that and discovered myself.

I have been Master to slaves, Dominant to submissives, and Top to bottoms of various ages and experience levels and I crave the devotion and subservience that they are willing give to me. Once I thought that this meant there was something wrong with me, but I know now that is not the case. Only by embracing this part of my own nature can I be happy and whole and through my guidance and teaching and punishments, my submissives have also found themselves. Those that understand this are welcome in my world, those that want to learn about it even more so, but those that refuse to open their minds may leave and return when they are ready to accept.

I was prompted to write by some initial misgivings about the state of the community when I returned to it from a long hiatus, and many of my early posts are part of my attempt to correct some of the misinformation and poor behavior that I saw evident at that time.  I’ve continued to write because it is a good outlet for me, and it is a way for me to give back to my community.  This blog has also been the catalyst for several wonderful friendships with people all over the world and outside of the reach of my local community.  I am grateful for the opportunities that it has afforded to me.

I am also a father, a divorced single parent, and a feminist. If you do not understand how I can be a Dom and a feminist at the same time, I urge you to read more on the subject (see The Feminist Dom) and I am always open to answering questions, having discussions, or even a spirited debate.

This blog will be my soapbox (for I have many rants within), my journal (for I have many thoughts to share), and my campfire (for I have many stories to tell).

I am always open to topic suggestions and questions.

You can reach me at [email protected]

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