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I’m not really much of a poet – but every once in awhile I will be motivated to write something that is not really prose.

My Kneel For Me and Imaginary Conversation With A New Submissive are both monologue-in-prose pieces with a poetic turn, but this is an actual poem in free verse that I wrote in late 2014.

I think I was mourning the end of a relationship at the time, and I thought I was being clever by inserting nerdy references which would cause me to look upon this piece with disdain whenever I saw it after that, but somehow I find this to be fitting with the year that I’ve had so far – that we’ve all had so far.

mo(u)rning :

mourning sun rises
its presence illuminates time 
time spent
time gone
morning time is over

noon sun blazes
light-fire washes the world
angry light
burning light
working time begins

evening sun recedes
pulling sadness and work away
leaving quiet
leaving self
ideal delusion remains

make all --no-regrets